10 redundant SEO methods that you should phase out

I am very much delighted to proclaim the fact that no website that was optimized bore the brunt of Google updates such as Panda or Penguin. As I analyze the results, I found that websites which implemented so called proven and well established methods of SEO were big failures because those assumed proven methods became the outdated methods. Hence, it is required to focus on marketing in a vigorous way so that changes in search engine algorithms will not affect the overall performance of your website.

Focus on article submissions

Instead of expecting quick success through building links with sites like Ezine, you should take time and effort so that natural and high quality links will be built. You should explore all options so that you can go for guest posting as well. You will be able to engage with various other audiences when you go for guest posts. You should explore high quality sites so that you will receive traffic from new visitors. If your website gets quality reference from authority sites, you will certainly be able to fare well in optimization aspects.

Optimizing press releases

You should not go for press releases just for namesake. Go for press releases with something new. There should be something that you want to share with the public. Do your homework in a better way so that the news that you will spell through press release will have a real impact on the public. You will certainly make the most of press releases as far as you are artistic in presentation of content and services. You are advised to avoid press releases for the namesake as it will give negative results.

Link exchanges

You should include high quality links in your site. Stop going for link exchange as you are bound to do. When you are presenting content in a serious way on your website, you should go through the quality content that is available on the web. When you come across such stuff which comes under your niche, you should not hesitate to include that link on your web page. This will improve the credibility of your site. Visitors’ flow will increase and your sites get linked to other quality sites.

Creation of smart content

There was great propaganda that great content will attract traffic from all directions. It is true that high quality content is crucial, you should analyze the facts like ‘who is producing the content?’, ‘what are the qualifications of the person that is contributing the content?’, ‘what form they are writing?’

It is true that you might want to outsource content in various ways including the guest posting. Regardless of the source of content, you should be able to present the most compelling content so that you will certainly make the most from your site. If you engage writers who are competent and well qualified and well experienced, you will get results in the same line.

You should not lose your way through automation


While automation is imminent, you should use the automation as per your requirements. There are various tools which will increase the writer’s efficiency in both production of content and presentation of content. Social media’s impact should be used in the right sense and it should not be used as an option. By implementing serious and active presence, you can make the most through social media.

Social signals should not be ignored

Social networking sites are evolving and their power and potential is ever increasing. They are bringing new value as new search techniques are implemented so that it is possible to promote business in a meaningful way. It is possible to search a person instead of an object by entering it in the search text box. Hence, you should be prepared to take advantage of social signals.

Tactics but no strategy

It is time for you to have a solid strategy and it should be implanted at the right pace. Even though the number of new tactics are used in this process, you should go away from the implementation of your strategy. The strategy should include proven methods and should update the ways and means as per the current days’ relevance.

Focus on rankings alone

By focusing on rankings alone, your website might fail. There is great need to increase the overall performance of the site. It is not only emerging as a winner for one or more keywords but also having the impact on the sales makes better sense. The overall profitability of your business will increase when the quantum of sales will improve.

You should be able to track search results through Google Analytics and various tools. It should be a constant process so that you will take the right steps to make the most of your promotions.

Focus on Google alone

Instead of focusing on Google alone, you should use various kinds of methods so that promotion of your site can be speeded up. You should generate traffic through various means of promotions. You should track the results on a regular basis. When there are multiple sources of traffic generation, you will be able to take corrective actions on sources that fail to produce results. If you cannot mend things, you should compensate the failed channels through creating new channels. Thus, by not believing or having hope on Google alone but by maintaining multiple pools of resources, you can make the most from your investment.

No focus on design

As you hire an SEO expert, you should hire design expert as well. Instead of focusing on SEO alone, you should focus on the design aspect as well. You should remember the fact that a designer will work to make a living while you will not be able to accomplish the same level of success when you do design yourself. Hence, it is very much required to hire a professional designer and the SEO expert should work along with the designer so that optimum results are achieved. You will be able to present the most outstanding website to your audience.

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